• Introduction

    World Wide Health Solutions (WWHS) specializes in "Peak Performance Plans" that are a natural, drug-free way of improving performance and achieving true potential for employees, athletes and their families.


    It all starts with the brain!


    If peak performance and good health is important to you, then you have come to the right place.


    Our team of performance, health and safety experts are excited to help your organization, team or family reach your wellness and performance goals!

    Daniel Bauman

    Founder/Neuroscience Advocate/Employee & Sports Performance Specialist

    I'm a Mankato, MN native and graduated from South Dakota State University. It was while I was part of the Jackrabbit football team that I began to realize the value of long-term relationships and a common goal that benefits everyone. My TRUE passion is to help make the workplace a healthier and safer environment with happier more productive employees leading to significant reoccurring savings potential to the organizations I work with.


    As a former collegiate athlete and pharmaceutical representative, I understand the significance of optimal performance and good health which is why it's important for me to share my knowledge of solutions that can help employees and athletes with immediate performance enhancement and help people of all ages live a healthier and better quality of life.


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    Dale G. Schmoll, DC

    Chief Financial Officer/Partner/Employee & Sports Performance Specialist

    Being raised on a farm in Southern Minnesota, I was no stranger to long days and hard work and was blessed with an upbringing that taught me honesty, integrity, loyalty and commitment. I'm passionate about helping others discover natural breakthroughs in science that assist the body’s natural ability to heal itself which make WWHS and our focus on improving employee performance and athletic performance a perfect fit with my background.

    Clinton Spencer

    Sports & Employee Performance Specialist

    With over 25+ years of Strength and Conditioning experience, I've trained a wide variety of women and men sports ranging from youth to Olympic and Professional athletes. Over the past 5 years, I've been working as the Director of Performance for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League. Through my coaching endeavors I have realized you have to find your purpose and build a quality team around you to achieve your dreams. Surrounding yourself with like minded people that have the same collective goals is what truly makes you successful.


    WWHS is the team I will be moving forward with to help employees and athletes reach peak performance. Our performance, health and safety solutions are game changers and I'm excited to help your employees, athletes, team, organization and/or family reach your wellness and performance goals.

    Dirk Campbell

    Midwest Sports & Employee Performance Specialist

    With 30+ years of education experience, including 15+ years coaching and 10+ years as an Athletic Director, I’m excited to join the WWHS team to help organizations with athletic and employee performance solutions. I’m delighted to work with a company that shares my same values of strong faith, positivity and a passion of helping people.

    David Reynolds

    Sports & Employee Performance Specialist

    With 25+ years of strength coach experience, including the last 17+ years coaching at Baylor High School in Chattanooga, TN which has the #3 ranked athletic program in nation by MaxPreps, I’m thrilled to join the WWHS team to help organizations with athletic and employee performance solutions. I’m excited to work with a company that has the best performance enhancing solutions that I’ve experienced in my 25+ years and shares my same values of faith, family and a passion of helping people.

    Robert Mimbs

    Sports & Employee Performance Specialist

    As a former running back in the CFL I understand the importance of optimal performance and recovery. I’m blessed to be part of the WWHS team helping athletes and teams compete at a higher level with these groundbreaking solutions.


    2-Time CFL MVP

    3-Time CFL Leading Rusher

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