• NeuroP3 - Customized Peak Performance Plans for athletes, Students, Employees & Active Individuals

    Improve Neurocognitive and Neuromotor Abilities. Gain Better Overall Performance. Live, Work & Play Safer.

  • Step 1 - Assess & Measure

    Focused on regularly measuring and assessing human performance. Results are available on demand and in real time giving users the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses helping to determine how to properly implement solutions to improve individual daily performance and workplace productivity.


    For wellness and performance programs, objective data can be incorporated into existing plans to help assess value and overall plan performance.

  • Pre-Assessment - FREE Cognitive Baseline Test

    PLAY ROBERTO App to assess and measure your current neurocognitive and neuromotor abilities.

    1. Practice Playing the Game - Sign up for Roberto and start gathering data about your brain performance. It's like a thermometer for your brain.
    2. Establish Your Normal Range - After 4 practice sessions, Roberto will determine what is normal for you. It's your Brain Performance Profile.
    3. Continue Monitoring Your Progress - Spot trends and be proactive with your brain health. Challenge your friends to beat your scores. Share your results with your health care provider, coach or trainer.

    How to get the Roberto App:

    You can download and install Roberto from the App Store or Google Play by searching for “Roberto App” on either service. In addition, you can use your iOS or Android device to go to click the download badges below.


    When you create an account you will be prompted for an ‘referral code’, please use BRAINBOOST. This code will give you a FREE 90-day TRIAL. Contact us below for GROUP CODES and/or ANNUAL DISCOUNTS.

  • Step 2 - Enhance & Improve

    Get in the zone faster. Stay in the zone longer. With increased focus, energy, memory, mental/physical stamina and enhanced recovery. Keep your head in the game while you live, work or play.


    Drug-free neuro wellness benefits for athletes, employees, students, organizations and teams which instantly improve productivity, recovery and overall performance.

    • Neuro Optimization - Balance, Focus, Energy, Recovery & Neural Health
    • Pain Management - Pain Relief, Faster Recovery, Drug & Opioid Free
    • Neuro Acceleration - Better Physical Performance & Faster Mental Processing
    • Neuro Training - Improved Focus, Working Memory & Reaction Times
  • Neuro Optimization

    Are you reaching your FULL potential?


    Our recommended solutions combine the best of modern technology with decades of research in neuromuscular science to help you achieve your wellness goals, drug-free and without invasive treatments.

    • Voxx HPT - Balance, Pain Relief, Energy, Recovery & Neural Health
    • eSmartr CBT - Focus More, Stress Less & Think Clearly

    Pain Management

    Our recommended solutions help eliminate pain associated with repetitive use, sports, and workplace injuries, and help those who simply want to maximize their health and well-being. While typical rehab for many sports related injuries is calculated in months, recovery can be measured in days with our recommended solutions – consistently 60-80% faster than traditional rehab. Our solutions work on solving the underlying neurological patterns creating the pain in our lives. We find the source of the pain and retrain the neuro pathways to end it. If you want to optimize performance and take your body to the next level, contact us below to get started.

    Neuro Acceleration

    We offer a level of improvement to mental performance, strength and mobility that is unmatched.

    • ARP neuro Therapy - (Accelerated Recovery Performance) - Accelerate Recovery Time & Muscular Performance
    • Combat Brain Training - Better focus, attention, improved working memory with accelerated mental and physical reaction times especially in stressful situations.

    Neuro Training

    By physically changing the brain to be more efficient at the foundational processing level, all areas of performance are improved regardless of profession.

    • Combat Brain Training - Better focus, attention, improved working memory with accelerated mental and physical reaction times especially in stressful situations.
  • Step 3 - Funding

    Leverage fundraising and sponsorship solutions to help supply neuro optimization technologies to athletes, coaches, employees, teams, organizations and families helping them reach their full potential.

    1. Establish Financial Goals.
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    3. Prequalify for NeuroP3 Sponsorship Program.
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    Schedule a 30-minute overview to learn more about the performance and wellness benefits.

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