• NeuroP3 Packages

    NEUROP3 is a natural, drug-free way of improving performance and achieving true potential for employees, athletes, companies, teams, active individuals and their families.


    Improve Neurocognitive and Neuromotor Abilities. Gain Better Overall Performance. Live, Work & Play Safer.


    Results are 100% Effective & Measurable.

    Benefits Include:

    • Ability to regularly assess and measure human performance.
    • Enhanced human performance by 10-30%.
    • Increased energy, mobility, endurance and faster recovery times.
    • More alert, productive and improved information processing speeds.
    • Pain relief along with less physical and mental fatigue.
    • Improved workplace productivity, health & safety.

    • Better overall athletic and team performance.

    Pre-Assessment - FREE Cognitive Baseline Test

    NEUROP3 Packages:
    1. NEUROP3 Starter - Improve Human Performance by 10-30%
    2. Advanced - Accelerated Recovery Performance
    3. Elite - Accelerated Mental & Physical Reaction Times
    4. Maintenance - Optimal Performance & Lifestyle

  • Step 1 - Pre-Assessment - FREE Cognitive Baseline Test

    PLAY ROBERTO to assess and measure your current neurocognitive and neuromotor abilities.

    1. Practice Playing the Game - Sign up for Roberto and start gathering data about your brain performance. It's like a thermometer for your brain.
    2. Establish Your Normal Range - After 4 practice sessions, Roberto will determine what is normal for you. It's your Brain Performance Profile.
    3. Continue Monitoring Your Progress - Spot trends and be proactive with your brain health. Challenge your friends to beat your scores. Share your results with your health care provider, coach or trainer.

    How to get the Roberto App:

    You can download and install Roberto from the App Store or Google Play by searching for “Roberto App” on either service. In addition, you can use your iOS or Android device to go to click the download badges below.


    When you create an account you will be prompted for an ‘referral code’, please use BRAINBOOST. This code will give you a FREE 90-day TRIAL.


    Once you've completed 14+ tests, contact us directly to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once your baseline is established, we can identify how and where NEUROP3 will benefit your performance.

  • Step 2 - Choose the Package That Fits Your Current Goals & Lifestyle


    Enhanced Human Performance

    Assess & Measure Performance

    Plantiga Day 1 & 30

    Roberto - Weekly


    Enhance & Improve

    Voxx HPT & eSmartr Sleev - Daily


    Retail - $225

    Membership Pricing - 25% Discount

    Group Discounts - Contact Us Below


    High Performing Athletes & Employees



    ARPneuro Pricing - $99 per month


    Contact Us Below for Specials


    Elite Athletes & Employees

    NEUROP3 STARTER + Combat Brain Training


    Combat Brain Training - $295 per session

    Membership Pricing - 10% Discount

    Group Discounts - Contact us below


    Optimal Performance & Lifestyle 24/7/365

    Roberto & Voxx HPT


    Retail - $200

    Membership Pricing - 10% Discount

    Group Discounts - Contact us below

  • Health Care Professional Packages

    Plantiga Human Movement Intelligence - $400 monthly or $4,000 annually

    RC21X - Contact us below for annual subscription plans

    Voxx HPT/eSmartr - Contact us below to learn about the practitioners 50% discount program

    ARPneuro RX100 - Contact us below for discounted pricing options


    Contact us below to learn more about our Health Care Professional programs and available discounts.

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