• NeuroP3 Packages

    NEUROP3 is a natural, drug-free way of improving performance and achieving true potential for employees, athletes, companies, teams, active individuals and their families.


    Improve Neurocognitive and Neuromotor Abilities. Gain Better Overall Performance. Live, Work & Play Safer.


    Results are 100% Effective & Measurable.

    Benefits Include:

    • Ability to regularly assess and measure human performance.
    • Enhanced human performance by 10-30% with cumulative benefits.
    • Increased energy, mobility, endurance and faster recovery times.
    • More alert, productive and improved information processing speeds.
    • Pain relief along with less physical and mental fatigue.
    • Improved workplace productivity, health & safety.

    • Better overall athletic and team performance.

    Step 1 - Pre-Assessment - FREE Cognitive Baseline Test with Roberto.

    Step 2 - NEUROP3 Packages:
    1. NEUROP3 Starter - BRAIN BOOST - Improve Human Performance by 10-30%
    2. Advanced - Accelerated Mental & Physical Reaction Times
    3. Recovery - Accelerated Recovery Performance
      • Maintenance - BRAIN OPTIMIZATION - Optimal Performance & Lifestyle 24/7/365
      • Neurofeedback - Measure Changes in Brain Function Over Time
      • Plantga - Human Improvement Intelligence
      • ADAPT X.1 - Balance Serotonin, a Neurotransmitter Produced in the Brain
      • ION* GUT HEALTH - Optimal Gut-Brain Connectivity for Kids, Adults & Pets

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