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    Trevor Harris

    CFL QB - Grey Cup Champion

    "Playing the position of Quarterback involves a lot: blitz recognition, coverage identification, route progressions, hot reads, adjustments from coverage rolling, reading leverage, my own footwork and timing. Combat Brain Training has allowed me to improve the skill of task switching with great efficiency all while also improving extended focus and anticipation… it has helped speed up my decision-making process to a “flow” state – fast accurate and unconscious.”

    Dennis Pauls

    Insurance Company CEO

    “My team (that was in the brain training program) are learning faster and remembering better. Our meetings are much more efficient and we are accomplishing more in less time.”

    Nich Roach

    NFL Linebacker

    “I can remember more and it helps my ability to balance and recall multiple calls and adjustments in my head at the same time – this is a huge deal in football.”

    Major Paul Bischoff


    “Skills exercised by Combat Brain Training are valuable to all Warfighters and are increasingly critical for coping with complexity on today’s battlefields. We encourage our Marines to ‘Think Fast’, ‘Improvise, Adapt and Overcome’, ‘Get inside the enemy’s OODA loop’, etc. After going through your training I am convinced that CBT can increase our fitness for Warfighting through improved cognition.”