Human Performance Technology (HPT) helps with:

    • Enhanced Brain Function
    • Reduced Pain
    • Increased Strength and Endurance
    • Increased Balance and Stability
    • Enhanced Range of Motion
    • Faster Reaction Times
    VOXX HPT is the safe, natural, and instant wellness and peak performance solution.

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  • Simple Way to Understand Voxx HPT

    Trigger a Response

    When neuroreceptors on your feet or arms come in contact with the Voxx HPT pattern, a neuro response is triggered, sending information to your Central Nervous System (CNS).

    Affect the Body

    The CNS processes that information and activates commands for your peripheral nervous system to follow from regulating pain, to maintaining motor control and balance.

    Feel the Difference

    The effect is immediate, so you focus less on weathering through physical pain and discomfort, and more on living a more productive, happier, healthier life.

  • The Power of the HPT Patch

    Jay Dhaliwal, the founder and CEO of VoxxLife, teams up with Dr. Mark Debrincat, PhD, to demonstrate the incredible power of the Voxx Harmony NeuroPatch. You can see the effect the Harmony Patch can have for yourself in a telling brain scan!

    How Human Performance Technology Works

    VOXX Human Performance Technology (HPT) is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation that triggers a signal that aides in the brainstem reaching homeostasis. The VOXX HPT pattern is woven or molded into different iterations of products including hosiery, wearable patches and footwear accessories. The concept is simple. The science is proven. The results are extraordinary.

    Human Performance Technology Benefits

    VoxxLife has harnessed the power of NeuroScience and Neuro-Activation and spent 6 years developing Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) that instantly improves the user’s strength, energy, stability, balance and range of motion.


    Voxx HPT is transforming the way people of all ages live, work and play. Our scientifically validated technology is the future of wellness, work productivity, sports and rehab.

    Voxx HPT Testing Results

    VOXXLIFE’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, is proprietary, exclusive and scientifically proven in independent testing. The documented results and benefits include enhanced pain relief and management, especially PDN pain, enhanced postural stability and balance, and improved mobility and overall energy levels.


    See the clinical white paper studies from Dr. Robert W. Thatcher, Ph.D. and The Applied Neuroscience Research Institute here.

    VoxxLife has worked with a number of leading authorities to test the efficacy of our products and technology.

    View Here

    A leading organized labor union, looked at stability and balance benefits of VoxxLife products. The study was conducted on 69 members using SWAY Medical software. 8X less likely to fall*

    View Here

    The California Sports Institute (CSI) is a leading testing and performance authority for elite athletes, professional teams, and collegiate athletics. CSI tested 50 subjects in a double blind study.

    View Here

    VoxxLife double blind studied 72 golfers for distance and accuracy improvements with Voxx HPT.

    View Here

    A 1000 person study conducted through 3rd party rehab clinics tested Voxx HPT efficacy on foot pain and energy levels.

  • *8X less likely to fall is an algorithm that was used in correlation to the LiUNA study that tested improvements in balance and stability.


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    Why is There a Need for Voxx HPT in the Workplace?​

    Various studies have found that every $1 invested in a safety program saves employers upwards of $6. When considering the impact to an employer’s business should injuries--or even death--occur, the facts show that investing in safety is worth the spend.

    Why is There a Need for Voxx HPT for Teams/Athletes?

    Performance and Safety

    Various studies have proven that Voxx HPT users have realized performance improvements when wearing Voxx HPT. In addition to performance enhancement, Voxx HPT users realize significant improvements in balance and stability leading to improved safety with your sport of choice.

  • We believe in sharing honest stories.


    With a wide variety of applications, see our growing number of testimonials from every day people to professionals that have discovered success through Voxx Human Performance Technology.


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    Luc Robitaille

    Chip McDaniel

    Hospice Nurse

    Daisy w/ MS

    Kyle Dawson

    Back Pain





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